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Hole Golfer Lang Strokes Scoring Submitted
Kolakoski Sequence MeWhenI Ruby 719 Both
United States anter69 Ruby 174 Chars
Pernicious Numbers Natanaelel Ruby 40 Both
Tongue-twisters Natanaelel Ruby 323 Both
Sudoku v2 Natanaelel Ruby 292 Bytes
Sudoku v2 Natanaelel Ruby 291 Chars
Prime Numbers bbakersmith Ruby 46 Both
Fibonacci bbakersmith Ruby 35 Both
Evil Numbers bbakersmith Ruby 56 Both
Happy Numbers MeWhenI Ruby 66 Bytes
Happy Numbers MeWhenI Ruby 56 Chars
Emirp Numbers MeWhenI Ruby 88 Bytes
Emirp Numbers MeWhenI Ruby 62 Chars
99 Bottles of Beer Shanethegamer Ruby 271 Both
CSS Colors Shanethegamer Ruby 642 Bytes
Arabic to Roman Shanethegamer Ruby 108 Chars
Arabic to Roman Shanethegamer Ruby 161 Bytes
Prime Numbers Shanethegamer Ruby 34 Both
Ξ» anter69 Ruby 211 Chars
Vampire Numbers Natanaelel Ruby 638 Both
Cubes Shanethegamer Ruby 223 Bytes
𝑒 MeWhenI Ruby 135 Both
CSS Colors MeWhenI Ruby 1,378 Both
Star Wars Opening Crawl MeWhenI Ruby 4,784 Both
Cubes Shanethegamer Ruby 212 Chars
Quine madex Ruby 28 Both
Morse Decoder Natanaelel Ruby 250 Both
12 Days of Christmas Natanaelel Ruby 423 Bytes πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
12 Days of Christmas Natanaelel Ruby 423 Chars
12 Days of Christmas Shanethegamer Ruby 444 Both
RecamΓ‘n stefangimmillaro Ruby 57 Both
Ordinal Numbers Shanethegamer Ruby 63 Chars
Ordinal Numbers Shanethegamer Ruby 71 Bytes
Van Eck Sequence stefangimmillaro Ruby 45 Both
CSS Colors JayXon Ruby 582 Bytes πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Seven Segment Shanethegamer Ruby 85 Chars
Seven Segment Shanethegamer Ruby 116 Bytes
Roman to Arabic MeWhenI Ruby 978 Both
Lucky Tickets orthoplex Ruby 83 Bytes πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Lucky Tickets orthoplex Ruby 83 Chars πŸ₯‰
Prime Numbers yzhs Ruby 36 Both
Diamonds tatzyr Ruby 79 Both
Ξ» kurkale6ka Ruby 1,008 Both
Diamonds stefangimmillaro Ruby 89 Both
Leap Years orthoplex Ruby 45 Both
Intersection JayXon Ruby 72 Chars πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Intersection JayXon Ruby 94 Bytes πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Ten-pin Bowling MeWhenI Ruby 238 Bytes
𝑒 kurkale6ka Ruby 1,008 Both
Vampire Numbers stefangimmillaro Ruby 470 Bytes
Morse Encoder Shanethegamer Ruby 208 Bytes
Tongue-twisters mokymok Ruby 657 Bytes
Tongue-twisters mokymok Ruby 249 Chars
Prime Numbers daninnm Ruby 35 Both
Pernicious Numbers daninnm Ruby 46 Both
Evil Numbers daninnm Ruby 36 Both
Odious Numbers daninnm Ruby 36 Both
Ten-pin Bowling stefangimmillaro Ruby 226 Bytes
Ten-pin Bowling stefangimmillaro Ruby 218 Chars
Roman to Arabic stefangimmillaro Ruby 151 Both
Christmas Trees stefangimmillaro Ruby 62 Both
Rule 110 stefangimmillaro Ruby 126 Bytes
Rule 110 stefangimmillaro Ruby 124 Chars
United States Waffle3z Ruby 90 Both
Quine mokymok Ruby 27 Both
Sudoku stefangimmillaro Ruby 575 Bytes
Sudoku stefangimmillaro Ruby 535 Chars
Sudoku v2 stefangimmillaro Ruby 419 Bytes