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Medal Tally DialFrost146
Gijswijt’s Sequence DialFrost85
Ordinal Numbers DialFrost70
Ten-pin Bowling bitsandbeyond125
United States bitsandbeyond🥉 90
Hexdump DialFrost140
Spelling Numbers SirBogman330
Time Distance SirBogman🥈 213
12 Days of Christmas SirBogman426
SI Units SirBogman🥈 436
Pangram Grep DialFrost🥉 39
Ordinal Numbers SirBogman62
United States SirBogman92
N Queens bitsandbeyond💎 116
Fractions DialFrost60
Sierpiński Triangle DialFrost84
Forsyth–Edwards Notation DialFrost109
QR Decoder IISResetMe272
Reversi IISResetMe232
ISBN Shanethegamer73
π Ralac071,015
United States DialFrost92
Rule 110 bitsandbeyond🥈 73
Seven Segment bitsandbeyond🥇 94
Emirp Numbers (Long) DialFrost121
Emirp Numbers DialFrost88
ASCII Table DialFrost85
Divisors DialFrost🥈 33
Pascal’s Triangle DialFrost47
Abundant Numbers (Long) DialFrost51
ISBN DialFrost71
Game of Life bitsandbeyond🥈 96
Arrows dcgjb129
Niven Numbers (Long) sean-niemann45
Niven Numbers sean-niemann29
Reversi bitsandbeyond97
Factorial Factorisation DialFrost🥉 103
Abundant Numbers DialFrost47
Abundant Numbers sean-niemann🥈 42
Niven Numbers (Long) DialFrost42
Arabic to Roman HumanoidCPU248
Reversi MeWhenI🥉 96
Lucky Tickets SirBogman🥉 81
Foo Fizz Buzz Bar DialFrost74
Recamán DialFrost52
Leyland Numbers DialFrost67
QR Decoder bitsandbeyond🥈 127
Roman to Arabic HumanoidCPU262
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Happy Numbers (Long) DialFrost70
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τ DialFrost80
π DialFrost80
brainfuck DialFrost128
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Christmas Trees DialFrost54