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√2 rifatx1,007
brainfuck ovs-code115
Look and Say sean-niemann🥇 37
Quine pardouin🥇 21
Arabic to Roman Steffan153🥈 67
Tongue-twisters LHLaurini527
φ MeWhenI39
Fizz Buzz CaedenHarper48
Prime Numbers (Long) Florian-Mt70
Prime Numbers Florian-Mt69
Sierpiński Triangle rucin9355
Diamonds saito-ta🥈 51
Fizz Buzz helbling46
Hexdump Steffan15389
Zeckendorf Representation scpchicken402
φ scpchicken33
Repeating Decimals Steffan15365
Pascal’s Triangle Steffan15336
United States esckbd932
Arabic to Roman thekernal1,081
Fizz Buzz thekernal86
Emojify thekernal393
United States thekernal497
Zeckendorf Representation saito-ta🥇 72
Zeckendorf Representation sisyphus-ppcg🥇 72
Zeckendorf Representation JRaspass🥉 198
99 Bottles of Beer thekernal313
24 Game thekernal🥈 1,194
12 Days of Christmas thekernal479
𝑒 bac0id1,007
√2 bac0id1,007
φ bac0id1,007
τ bac0id1,007
π bac0id1,007
λ bac0id1,007
γ bac0id1,007
Kolakoski Constant bac0id1,007
Factorial Factorisation bac0id🥉 866
Catalan’s Constant bac0id1,007
ln 2 bac0id1,007
Happy Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU129
Seven Segment SirBogman109
Hexdump DialFrost95
Hexdump SirBogman91
Recamán HumanoidCPU90
ISBN madex108
Lucky Tickets Steffan15365
United States SirBogman90
Proximity Grid ovs-code84
Fibonacci jipsong47
π Ralac071,020
Pascal’s Triangle HumanoidCPU190
Look and Say jipsong52
Fizz Buzz RedzGoose98
Arabic to Roman HumanoidCPU246
Roman to Arabic HumanoidCPU216
Abundant Numbers HPWiz🥇 41
Fizz Buzz rucin93180
brainfuck SirBogman104