Recent Solutions

N Queens CatsAreFluffy💎 74
Leap Years lyphyser🥈 46
N Queens lyphyser🥈 78
Divisors HumanoidCPU1,179
Inventory Sequence HumanoidCPU2,636
Prime Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU5,961
Evil Numbers HumanoidCPU83
Evil Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU1,963
Odious Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU1,958
Odious Numbers HumanoidCPU84
Kolakoski Sequence HumanoidCPU2,013
Leap Years HumanoidCPU743
Prime Numbers HumanoidCPU84
Fibonacci HumanoidCPU147
Abundant Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU978
Abundant Numbers HumanoidCPU176
Fibonacci dcgjb66
N Queens AdrienHache🥉 491
Look and Say HumanoidCPU1,292
Happy Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU565
Christmas Trees HumanoidCPU558
99 Bottles of Beer HumanoidCPU11,898
Pascal’s Triangle HumanoidCPU782
Ascending Primes HumanoidCPU525
Fibonacci error25641
Foo Fizz Buzz Bar HumanoidCPU5,732
Catalan Numbers HumanoidCPU2,885
Pernicious Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU20,675
Pernicious Numbers HumanoidCPU113
Arithmetic Numbers HumanoidCPU37,655
12 Days of Christmas HumanoidCPU2,382
Tongue-twisters HumanoidCPU536
Niven Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU7,451
Diamonds HumanoidCPU1,116
Catalan’s Constant HumanoidCPU1,016
24 Game HumanoidCPU12,445
√2 HumanoidCPU1,016
γ HumanoidCPU1,016
ln 2 HumanoidCPU1,016
Lucky Numbers HumanoidCPU4,833
Vampire Numbers HumanoidCPU1,084
Farey Sequence HumanoidCPU4,367
Niven Numbers HumanoidCPU104
Rijndael S-box HumanoidCPU781
Van Eck Sequence HumanoidCPU2,568
Recamán HumanoidCPU910
Sierpiński Triangle HumanoidCPU567
Rule 110 HumanoidCPU15,865
Emirp Numbers (Long) rollershutter1,189
Emirp Numbers (Long) HumanoidCPU1,169
Emirp Numbers HumanoidCPU147
Smith Numbers HumanoidCPU1,837
Happy Numbers HumanoidCPU118
Collatz HumanoidCPU3,239
Gijswijt’s Sequence HumanoidCPU2,013
N Queens MeWhenI1,261
N Queens HumanoidCPU1,259
N Queens KatieLG1,269
N Queens dokutan721
Fizz Buzz ndren204