Recent Solutions

Hole Golfer Lang Strokes Scoring Submitted
Abundant Numbers bac0id C 84 Both
Divisors bac0id C 74 Both
Emirp Numbers bac0id C 173 Both
99 Bottles of Beer bac0id C 435 Both
12 Days of Christmas bac0id C 588 Both
Ο€ bac0id C 262 Both
Kolakoski Sequence prplz C 71 Both
Leap Years GrayJoKing C 59 Both
Kolakoski Sequence JayXon C 60 Bytes πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Kolakoski Sequence Shanethegamer C 83 Both
Kolakoski Sequence JayXon C 58 Chars πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Fibonacci peterjayandrew C 95 Both
Prime Numbers peterjayandrew C 115 Both
Kolakoski Sequence HPWiz C 57 Chars πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Kolakoski Sequence HPWiz C 58 Bytes πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Odious Numbers ibexq C 80 Both
Leap Years ibexq C 74 Both
Prime Numbers ibexq C 86 Both
Abundant Numbers ibexq C 88 Both
Ο„ boxjelly C 186 Both
Evil Numbers ibexq C 81 Both
Ο€ boxjelly C 182 Both
Odious Numbers tm70 C 91 Both
Evil Numbers tm70 C 91 Both
Fizz Buzz tm70 C 112 Both
Fibonacci tm70 C 87 Both
Prime Numbers HPWiz C 54 Chars πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Prime Numbers HPWiz C 55 Bytes πŸ₯ˆ
Kolakoski Sequence nwellnhof C 65 Chars πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Kolakoski Sequence nwellnhof C 66 Bytes πŸ₯‰
Fizz Buzz pauloVato-sketch C 174 Both
Kolakoski Sequence boxjelly C 120 Both
Emirp Numbers Alesun C 132 Both
Emirp Numbers TheICSDI C 132 Both
Kolakoski Sequence GrayJoKing C 68 Both
Ten-pin Bowling JayXon C 148 Chars πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Ten-pin Bowling JayXon C 149 Bytes πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Leyland Numbers madex C 199 Both
Diamonds LuckyJack482 C 441 Both
99 Bottles of Beer boxjelly C 378 Both
Arabic to Roman boxjelly C 238 Both
Quine sisyphus-ppcg C 70 Both πŸ₯ˆ
99 Bottles of Beer Lydxn C 229 Bytes πŸ₯ˆ
99 Bottles of Beer Lydxn C 229 Chars πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Fibonacci madex C 49 Both
Prime Numbers mloumeau C 81 Both
Morse Encoder furokku C 2,721 Bytes
Morse Encoder furokku C 2,205 Chars
Kolakoski Sequence sisyphus-ppcg C 70 Both
Leap Years madex C 59 Both
99 Bottles of Beer DaBaddest C 431 Both
Kolakoski Sequence primo-ppcg C 66 Bytes πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Kolakoski Sequence primo-ppcg C 66 Chars
Kolakoski Sequence janbehrens C 77 Both
Sudoku madex C 1,049 Bytes
Sudoku madex C 1,005 Chars
RecamΓ‘n madex C 103 Both
Kolakoski Constant KatieLG C 1,021 Both
Kolakoski Sequence KatieLG C 2,018 Both