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The rules of the Van Eck sequence are as follows:

  1. The first term is zero.
  2. If the last term is new then the next term is zero.
  3. Otherwise the next term is how far back the term occured previously.

The first few terms are as follows:

0         (using a)
0 0       (using b)
0 0 1     (using c)
0 0 1 0   (using b)
0 0 1 0 2 (using c)

Print the first 1000 terms of the Van Eck sequence, with each term on a new line.

0 characters
Top-level programs are supported, args holds ARGV.
ARGV is available via STDIN, joined on NULL. x is a no-op.
ARGV is available via STDIN, joined on NULL.
arguments holds ARGV, print() to output with a newline, write() to output without a newline.
say() is available without any import.
$args to access the arguments.
SELECT arg FROM argv to access the arguments, only the first column of the first result set will be printed, NULL values will be skipped, and the dialect is SQLite.
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