Recent Solutions

Hole Golfer Lang Strokes Scoring Submitted
Arabic to Roman marcin7Cd Haskell 193 Both
Spelling Numbers Shanethegamer Haskell 558 Both
Christmas Trees peterjayandrew Haskell 102 Both
Fibonacci peterjayandrew Haskell 41 Both
Kolakoski Sequence SirBogman Haskell 90 Both
Prime Numbers peterjayandrew Haskell 56 Both
Fibonacci eulerthedestroyer Haskell 62 Both
Fizz Buzz eulerthedestroyer Haskell 115 Both
Kolakoski Constant boxjelly Haskell 205 Both πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
CSS Colors boxjelly Haskell 1,588 Both πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Happy Numbers boxjelly Haskell 91 Both
Kolakoski Constant rak1507 Haskell 119 Both πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Arabic to Roman cipharius Haskell 348 Both
Christmas Trees cipharius Haskell 85 Both
Emojify cipharius Haskell 342 Bytes
Emojify cipharius Haskell 267 Chars
Rock-paper-scissors-Spock-lizard cipharius Haskell 356 Bytes πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Rock-paper-scissors-Spock-lizard cipharius Haskell 300 Chars πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
𝑒 boxjelly Haskell 219 Both
Kolakoski Sequence boxjelly Haskell 94 Both
Kolakoski Constant GrayJoKing Haskell 112 Both πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Prime Numbers rak1507 Haskell 49 Both
Ordinal Numbers rak1507 Haskell 155 Both
RecamΓ‘n rak1507 Haskell 96 Both πŸ₯‰ πŸ“‰
Fibonacci gpicavet Haskell 41 Both
Intersection cipharius Haskell 174 Both
Rock-paper-scissors-Spock-lizard rak1507 Haskell 419 Bytes
Rock-paper-scissors-Spock-lizard rak1507 Haskell 307 Chars πŸ₯ˆ πŸ“‰
Quine boxjelly Haskell 277 Both
Kolakoski Sequence GrayJoKing Haskell 71 Both πŸ₯‡
Kolakoski Sequence HPWiz Haskell 71 Both πŸ₯‡
Fizz Buzz cipharius Haskell 92 Both
Kolakoski Sequence cipharius Haskell 87 Both
Leap Years cipharius Haskell 58 Both
Quine rak1507 Haskell 35 Both πŸ₯‡
Emirp Numbers rak1507 Haskell 105 Both
Niven Numbers rak1507 Haskell 66 Both
Fibonacci rak1507 Haskell 39 Both
Kolakoski Sequence rak1507 Haskell 71 Both πŸ₯‡ πŸ“‰
Ο€ Waffle3z Haskell 1,015 Both
Kolakoski Sequence Shanethegamer Haskell 177 Both
Kolakoski Constant KatieLG Haskell 1,015 Both
Kolakoski Sequence KatieLG Haskell 2,012 Both
Ξ» Omega65536 Haskell 1,015 Both
Kolakoski Constant Omega65536 Haskell 1,015 Both
Fizz Buzz dreamsmasher Haskell 140 Both
Quine dreamsmasher Haskell 41 Both
Fibonacci dreamsmasher Haskell 39 Both
Prime Numbers dreamsmasher Haskell 54 Both
Kolakoski Constant Shanethegamer Haskell 1,015 Both
Kolakoski Sequence JRaspass Haskell 2,012 Both
Kolakoski Constant JRaspass Haskell 1,015 Both
Levenshtein Distance Shanethegamer Haskell 249 Both