Recent Solutions

Hole Golfer Lang Strokes Scoring Submitted
Fizz Buzz Shbhareya Python 70 Both
Evil Numbers Crito02 Python 111 Both
Fizz Buzz SceptiveGithub Python 104 Both
Fizz Buzz Croquez Python 143 Both
Spelling Numbers Shanethegamer Python 443 Both
Morse Decoder OllieBoyne Python 351 Both
Niven Numbers hiddicop Python 58 Both
brainfuck richard-oelze Python 367 Both
Tongue-twisters Jambient Python 534 Both
Rule 110 anter69 Python 126 Bytes
Rule 110 anter69 Python 124 Chars
Kolakoski Sequence KatieLG Python 57 Bytes 🥉
Kolakoski Sequence KatieLG Python 57 Chars
Kolakoski Constant KatieLG Python 148 Both
Morse Encoder OllieBoyne Python 349 Bytes
Morse Encoder OllieBoyne Python 345 Chars
Prime Numbers peterjayandrew Python 61 Both
τ OllieBoyne Python 192 Both
π OllieBoyne Python 190 Both
Recamán hiddicop Python 69 Both
CSS Colors OllieBoyne Python 2,049 Both
Ordinal Numbers LlamaLad7 Python 101 Both
Sudoku OllieBoyne Python 557 Bytes
Sudoku OllieBoyne Python 509 Chars
Fizz Buzz LlamaLad7 Python 57 Chars
Fizz Buzz Dylan4W Python 61 Both
Pangram Grep LlamaLad7 Python 65 Chars
Pernicious Numbers LlamaLad7 Python 53 Chars
Pernicious Numbers Dylan4W Python 54 Both
Pernicious Numbers LlamaLad7 Python 54 Bytes
Seven Segment LlamaLad7 Python 130 Chars
Seven Segment LlamaLad7 Python 208 Bytes
Seven Segment Dylan4W Python 208 Bytes
Recamán Attero Python 71 Both
Spelling Numbers JayXon Python 162 Chars
Spelling Numbers JayXon Python 329 Bytes
Fibonacci tm70 Python 78 Both
Kolakoski Sequence adoxography Python 86 Both
Odious Numbers hiddicop Python 47 Both
Evil Numbers hiddicop Python 47 Both
Intersection adoxography Python 132 Both
Abundant Numbers hiddicop Python 210 Both
Divisors hiddicop Python 57 Bytes 🥇
Divisors hiddicop Python 57 Chars
Roman to Arabic OllieBoyne Python 123 Both
Leap Years hiddicop Python 51 Both
Seven Segment Dylan4W Python 153 Chars
Kolakoski Constant OllieBoyne Python 124 Both
Intersection Shanethegamer Python 203 Both
Kolakoski Sequence OllieBoyne Python 57 Bytes 🥉
Kolakoski Sequence OllieBoyne Python 57 Chars
Fizz Buzz llamax1 Python 96 Both
Abundant Numbers BoTie Python 80 Both
Cubes BoTie Python 252 Bytes
Cubes BoTie Python 242 Chars
√2 anter69 Python 78 Both
Christmas Trees hiddicop Python 88 Both
Fizz Buzz hiddicop Python 61 Both
Divisors anter69 Python 57 Bytes 🥇
Divisors anter69 Python 57 Chars
Prime Numbers hiddicop Python 44 Both
Fibonacci hiddicop Python 45 Both
99 Bottles of Beer Jambient Python 543 Both