janbehrens 🇩🇪

40,925 points (Bytes) • 41,040 points (Chars)

🥇 74 • 🥈 55 • 🥉 74

51 / 51 Holes


28 / 28 Languages


21 / 26 Trophies

12 Days of Christmas

6th 4th 18th 7th 7th 45th

99 Bottles of Beer

6th 3rd 23rd 8th 6th 33rd

Abundant Numbers

4th 19th 2nd 18th 4th 5th 16th

Arabic to Roman

4th 4th 19th 8th 3rd 15th


2nd 4th 34th 14th 9th 46th

Christmas Trees

3rd 5th 4th 17th 9th 4th 48th

CSS Colors

1st 1st 8th 3rd 1st 10th


1st 1st 9th 2nd 1st 25th


4th 15th 3rd 18th 10th 6th 78th


12th 27th 5th 12th 19th 7th 126th

Emirp Numbers

3rd 11th 5th 21st 11th 2nd 73rd


1st 1st 9th 2nd 1st 8th

Evil Numbers

4th 4th 1st 4th 10th 3rd 1st 7th


12th 21st 10th 16th 46th 66th 6th 1st 14th 12th 1st 6th 15th 9th 23rd 31st 58th 27th 22nd 1st 7th 9th

Fizz Buzz

17th 14th 14th 7th 46th 7th 11th 15th 21st 12th 26th 1st 1st 10th 1st 10th 3rd 1st 1st 36th 13th 35th 15th 10th 19th 5th 5th 14th

Happy Numbers

5th 6th 14th 8th 8th 103rd


4th 2nd 17th 4th 2nd 9th

Leap Years

12th 21st 10th 5th 9th 10th 15th 8th 21st 9th 9th 3rd 7th 9th 27th 39th 10th 29th 8th 2nd 3rd 4th

Levenshtein Distance

2nd 2nd 12th 2nd 9th 25th

Leyland Numbers

2nd 3rd 23rd 3rd 4th 34th

Look and Say

3rd 6th 4th 3rd 16th 6th 3rd 16th

Lucky Tickets

2nd 4th 12th 1st 25th

Morse Decoder

2nd 1st 10th 3rd 4th 19th

Morse Encoder

2nd 1st 24th 4th 50th

Niven Numbers

5th 10th 5th 39th 5th 2nd 18th

Odious Numbers

4th 4th 1st 4th 10th 3rd 1st 6th

Ordinal Numbers

4th 5th 16th 8th 5th 42nd

Pangram Grep

4th 3rd 23rd 7th 9th 64th

Pascal’s Triangle

4th 12th 3rd 3rd 28th 6th 5th 35th 10th

Pernicious Numbers

4th 15th 4th 29th 9th 8th 48th


3rd 1st 10th 3rd 2nd 18th

Prime Numbers

12th 16th 24th 7th 38th 16th 12th 64th 42nd 45th


25th 1st 23rd 9th 37th 7th 3rd 12th 31st 38th 23rd 1st 1st 19th 1st 1st 15th 21st 17th 17th 7th 16th 21st 25th 9th 4th


2nd 3rd 11th 5th 4th 19th


2nd 2nd 13th 3rd 2nd 22nd

Roman to Arabic

5th 4th 31st 13th 6th 78th

Rule 110

3rd 11th 4th 19th 6th 5th 28th

Seven Segment

4th 3rd 13th 10th 8th 55th

Sierpiński Triangle

3rd 16th 5th 21st 8th 5th 41st

Spelling Numbers

3rd 1st 15th 6th 26th


2nd 10th 1st 19th

Ten-pin Bowling

1st 2nd 10th 1st 12th


2nd 5th 2nd 18th 5th 1st 25th

United States

4th 2nd 19th 4th 3rd 21st

Vampire Numbers

2nd 2nd 12th 4th 1st 27th


5th 9th 1st 10th 4th 4th 19th


5th 14th 4th 10th 11th 6th 70th


4th 9th 4th 9th 6th 5th 49th


4th 7th 4th 17th 6th 5th 36th


3rd 11th 1st 20th 3rd 3rd 25th


4th 9th 3rd 15th 8th 5th 12th