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Judge games of "rock-paper-scissors" with additional weapons:

✂ cuts 📄 covers 💎 crushes 🦎 poisons 🖖 smashes ✂ decapitates 🦎 eats 📄 disproves 🖖 vaporizes 💎 crushes ✂.

Each argument is a string of two emoji encoded in UTF-8. For each argument, print a line like 🦎 poisons 🖖 describing the game outcome, or Tie if they are equal.

The weapons are represented and encoded as follows:

WeaponEmojiCodepointUTF-8 Sequence
f0 9f 92 8e
f0 9f 93 84
e2 9c 82
f0 9f 96 96
f0 9f a6 8e
0 bytes, 0 chars
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