Do I Need to Log in to Play?
No. Submitted solutions will be executed and checked without logging in, but nothing will be saved and you won't appear on the leaderboards.
Is Code Golf Free as in Speech?
Yes! It is written in Go, licensed under MIT, and available on GitHub; patches welcome!
Is Code Golf Free as in Beer?

Yes! However hosting isn't, so if you enjoy Code Golf consider donating to its continued existence and improvement via GitHub Sponsors.

Sponsors will receive a shiny “Sponsor” badge on their profile and a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart.

What Languages Are Supported?
If you'd like to see another language added then raise an issue.
Language Version Website
Bash 5.0.18 website
Brainfuck 1.0.0 website
C Tiny C Compiler 0.9.27 website
C# C# 8.0 on .NET Core 3.1.7 website
COBOL GnuCOBOL 2.2.0 website
F# F# 4.7 on .NET Core 3.1.7 website
Fortran GNU Fortran 9.3.0 website
Go 1.15.3 website
Haskell Glasgow Haskell Compiler 8.8.4 website
J 9.01.01 website
Java 14.0.2 website
JavaScript V8 8.6.395.10 website
Julia 1.5.2 website
Lisp GNU CLISP 2.49.92 website
Lua 5.4.1 website
Nim 1.4.0 website
Perl 5.32.0 website
PHP 7.4.11 website
PowerShell PowerShell 7.0.3 on .NET Core 3.1.7 website
Python 3.9.0 website
Raku Rakudo 2020.09 on MoarVM 2020.09 implementing Raku 6.d website
Ruby 2.7.2 website
Rust 1.47.0 website
SQL 3.33.0 website
Swift 5.3 website
Are Warnings Ignored?
Yes. Only STDOUT is checked against the solution, STDERR is however shown back to you to ease debugging.
How Are Arguments Passed to My Program?
Some holes pass arguments, for those your program should read them from ARGV.
How Are Solutions Scored?
There are two scorings in use, bytes and chars. Bytes is the number of bytes of a solution encoded in UTF-8. Chars is the number of Unicode codepoints of a solution. Users may submit up to two solutions per hole per language. This is handled automatically when you enter two solutions and each minimizes a different scoring. Each scoring has its own set of leaderboards. For the chars scoring, both “A” (U+0041 Latin Capital Letter A) and “😉” (U+1F609 Winking Face) cost the same despite the 1:4 ratio in byte count in UTF-8.
How Is My Overall Score Computed?
For each hole, the shortest solution is awarded 1,000 points, with the points descreasing in uniform decrements per rank. Your overall score is simply the sum of your points in each hole.
Are Submissions Resource Constrained?
Yes. Execution time is limited to 7 seconds, CPU & RAM usage is unbounded but this will probably change soon. The maximum length of each solution is 400 KiB.
Is there an API?
There is a read-only API that returns scores in JSON format. The URL is /scores/all-holes/all-langs/all. Note that all-holes and all-langs may be replaced by the names of specific holes and languages.
Can I See Other People's Solutions?
Currently no, but a feature is in development to allow you to see any solution that you already beaten in score.